Maestro Mister Cash Deposit Guide

What is Maestro Mister Cash?

Maestro Mister Cash is a debit card which can be used for instant and secure online payments.

How to make online deposit with Maestro Mister Cash?

If your card is issued by one of the participating banks, you must call your bank to make sure your Mister Cash card has been activated for online payments with Maestro. Once your card is activated, your bank will send an authentication tool (such as a personal card reader or DigiPass) which you will need for making online purchases. With your Mister Cash card and authentication tool in hand, you are ready to buy online!

How Do I Deposit with Maestro Mister Cash into my Account?
  1. Go to the Cashier.
  2. Click on Deposit.
  3. Click on the Maestro Mister Cash button.
  4. Enter the Mister Cash details in the relevant fields displayed.
  5. Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  6. Click on Deposit button.
  7. A new window will ask for your SecureCode. Use your personal card reader or your DigiPass* to generate your unique code and secure for this transaction and simply enter the code in the appropriate fields of the window.
  8. Once you have verified that the details entered are correct, click the button to proceed to payment. Your identity will be authenticated and, insofar as you have sufficient funds, your payment will be made within a few seconds! Confirm the payment by pressing the "Pay" button.
  9. You will receive an instant confirmation and be redirected back to the cashier.
  10. Good Luck!

* Personal card reader / DigiPass
How much can I deposit with Maestro Mister Cash into my Account?

  • Minimum single deposit: $10

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